Cinematika – Outer Body


This sublime song is the ultimate ticket towards a whole new way of experiencing sonic vibrations, the masterful combination of melodies and transitions with the glitchy touch, makes this one of the most nu chilled tunes of Cinematika



Exilium is a song that will transport you into deep, slow, vibrations that ultimately will enhance your mood and will pursue an spirit of devotion and trust for your entrepreneurships whatever they are.



Proximity is a mysterious experimental soundscape that will make you go deep into your feelings of uncertainty only to help you sort out solutions and outcomes to keep you optimistic and energized in your daily journey.

Sonic Water


This cinematic stream has been remixed in multiple layers compiling all the ingredients needed to go in a trip to another futuristic Utopian dimension. This is the track you want to play over and over like never before.

The Last Glory


This song goes along with the title quite well, the type of remix that will make you feel glorious and triumphant, a blend of sonic pulses and epic dubstep rhythms combined with orchestral cinematic tracks. feeling down or just need that extra hit of energy? your audible prescription is right here.

The Flare Within


Let’s be honest, Cinematika is not just about atmospheric music, it is about bringing you up to higher states of energy and inner vibration, the flare within is exactly the audible prescription made for you when you need that extra burst of internal power and harmonizing balance.

This Garden


This is another chilled, harmonized soft, world fusion mashup song. Salsa, bachata, epic, classical and the soundscape genera is encapsulated in this tune.

Just Press The Button


This is far one of the classic textbook Cinematika songs, the remix is heavily layered with ambience sounds, sublime vocals, delicious violin melodies that blend into an stream of powerful cinematic, futuristic electro and epic orchestral music.

The White Castle


This song starts with a pop melodic theme to suddenly blend into the epic glorious type of melody. Cinematika strives for achieving this contrast of ambient soundscape and electronic, indie world fusion.

Changing Lanes


Changing Lanes is the kind of song that will make you find immersed into a movie of some kind, the drama, mistery and softly seductive style of this song makes the perfect audible cocktail for a chilled afternoon.